12 COVID-19 Actions to Take Now

Many of my clients have asked me about the appropriate actions to take regarding their employees.

Best Working Options

  • Flexible worksites (if applicable)
  • Flexible work hours (i.e. staggered shifts) to increase the physical distance among employees
  • Work from home
  • Identify essential business functions, essential jobs or roles required to maintain operations.  Make a plan for how your business will operate if there is increased absenteeism.
  • Consider limiting or cancelling large work related meetings or events.


  • Tell sick employees to stay home
  • If they exhibit symptoms at work, tell them to go home
  • Ask employees who have a sick family member at home with COVID-19 or are diagnosed with such themselves, to notify you ASAP.
  • Keep communicating with your employees!  Fear, anxiety rumors and misinformation are common in times of crisis.

Workplace Policies

  • Provide soap and water and alcohol-based hand rubs in the workplace
  • Clean all frequently touched surfaces in the workplace (doorknobs, keyboards, etc.)

PTO Policies

  • Consider making exceptions to your existing sick or PTO policy, in the event that employees are home sick or must stay home to care for sick family members or children whose school has closed.

Remember, will all get through this together!

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