HR Policies

13 Action Steps to Promote Diversity

Many companies are reviewing and revamping their efforts to promote a more diverse and inclusive work environment.  Here are some action steps you can take now:

1 – Understand the issues.

2 – Communicate to the entire organization how you are going to address it – focusing on your company’s culture and values and how important it is for you to maintain a fair workplace for all employees.

3 – Evaluate recruiting sources and expand them as needed to attract diverse candidates.

4 – Include an equal opportunity statement in all job postings.

5 – Have a diverse group of people involved in the screening and selection process.

6 – Evaluate all testing to make sure there is no bias.

7 – Avoid questions about pay history (banned in some states).

8 – Raise awareness of how communication can be perceived as hostile or discriminatory.

9 – Take all complaints seriously and launch a prompt, fair and thorough investigation of all alleged violations.  

10 – Take performance evaluations seriously as it is an effective way to help all employees develop and meet career goals.

11 – Listen to your employees and give them feedback.

12 – Training programs such as discrimination and anti-harassment.

13 – Review your policies and practices for compliance with federal, state and local nondiscrimination laws.

Building these practices over time will result in a stronger company and more engaged workforce.

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