How to Protect Your Business From Employee Lawsuits

Complying with complex employment laws and policies is confusing and time consuming.  Failure to do so can lead to lawsuits and other costly risks.

Every company should conduct an annual compliance review of their handbook, general policies, procedures and documents.  Any questions that come up can be resolved and policies updated accordingly. 

At Aspire, a legal risk audit is the first thing we do for all clients.  

What do we audit?

  • Hiring process and practices
  • All employee policies
  • Management understanding of legal risks in hiring, discipline, harassment and discrimination
  • Legal compliance
  • Payroll and HR administration processes

Why do you and your company need this?

It can save you money! An effective handbook and compliance with HR regulations may save you money from audits/lawsuits by limiting your risk and exposure.  Little errors can cost big money.   

Your company needs this for a variety of reasons.  Maybe you are so focused on the day-to-day operations and workload that HR compliance falls through the cracks.  Maybe your HR person is an office manager/ CFO/ assistant who needs support to effectively protect your company and your employees.

Or maybe it’s helpful to have a “fresh set of eyes” or a different perspective by someone who has the knowledge and experience to provide you with practical solutions to ensure compliance and elevate morale (they go hand in hand).

Interested in making sure that your company is legally compliant without having to do it yourself?  Schedule a free consultation with Aspire HR today.

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