A Simple and Effective Job Ad

We all hope that our job ads will attract candidates who will turn into motivated, passionate, productive employees. However, our hopes are often dashed. This is because the typical ad is attracting the wrong people. Let me explain why.

Here is an example of the “typical” ad, for a customer service manager:

Customer Service Manager
Earthquake LLC is a service company established in 2015. We are looking for a motivated self-starter to be our Customer Service Manager. This person will handle customer problems. We offer a competitive salary, medical benefits, friendly co-workers, and a nice office. If you are interested in applying for this job, please send us your resume.

What’s Wrong?

This ad is focused on the company’s needs. You will get resumes as a result of this ad. But not the great candidates you want. Why? Because it does not answer the one key question in the minds of talented people: “why is this job worth my time to pursue?”

You see, the best ads capture the quality candidate’s imagination. They communicate a vision and passion. Successful people need to imagine themselves in the job, making a difference. They want to be part of something bigger than themselves, and they want the opportunity for personal growth along with the company. Speak directly to these people, without boilerplate language.

Let’s re-write the Earthquake ad. After reading it, I think that it will be clear the difference in approach and who would be motivated to respond.

Extreme Customer Care Manager
We have an opportunity for you to be part of a strategic change initiative at a successful service company seeking to move their post-sale support operations to the next level while upgrading the customer experience.

In this role, you would be responsible for contributing to the updating of our Customer Care functions including technical care, end-user training, customer relations and call center. You would help drive our mission to increase customer satisfaction. We strive to emulate memorable, “Extreme Customer Focus Care” similar to a Luxury product or the Customer Experience at Zappos, Apple, Tesla… we wish to take customer care above and beyond the norm for our industry. Turn customer problems into customer loyalty and relationship improvement.


The takeaway is that in order to attract the type of candidate who will make a difference, you need to write your ads to target that person, not the run of the mill job seeker.

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