HR Policies

Do You Need an Employee Handbook?

An employee handbook is one of the most important documents your business needs.  

1.  The employee handbook establishes your company’s policies clearly and effectively.  “What is the dress code?  “What is the paid time off policy?”  “What are the performance standards?”  “My manager is harassing me.  Who do I complain to, or should I just get a lawyer?”  Your employee handbook should have policies for these and many other issues as well.

2.  The employee handbook expresses your company’s personality.  Every company is unique.  A good employee handbook reflects the company’s culture, whether start up or established business.

3.  The employee handbook is a quick reference guide for your employees.  The ideal employee handbook addresses typical employee questions, but it is not so detailed as to be unusable.

4.  The employee handbook protects your company from costly lawsuits.  A good employee handbook communicates to employees what their rights and responsibilities are, and protects the employer in the event of a lawsuit or other dispute.

5.  The employee handbook promotes a sense of “fairness” to all employees.  Employees want to feel like everyone is playing by the same rules.  The employee handbook lays out fair policies that all must follow. This also reduces “special pleading” for exceptions from the policy.

6.  The employee handbook reinforces how the system works for everyone.  The employee handbook gives standardized answers to employee questions.  It reduces uncertainty and miscommunication.

7.  The employee handbook saves time.  Employees can find answers to many of their policy questions in the employee handbook.  This improves productivity, as managers are not called upon to interpret or explain every policy.

A well written employee handbook protects your business while communicating important policies to employees.  

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