Hiring: Beyond the Interview

Hiring decisions are so important, and so costly if wrong, that an interview is not enough information on which to make a choice.  Get more information about your candidate by testing, reference checks, background checks and online data gathering.


You can test your candidate’s PC skills, such as the ability to create an Excel spreadsheet.  Psychological tests include general and emotional intelligence.  There are personality profiles, which evaluate intangibles such as leadership or teamwork.   All of these tests can be given to candidates in an on-line format, with the results instantly available after completion.

Reference Checks

Gather information through reference checks.  It is widely believed that companies do not give more than “dates of employment and position held,” due to the fear of being sued.  That may be true if you call the corporate HR department, but I always call the candidate’s supervisors (with permission).  Almost all are quite willing to give their opinions.  You would be surprised at the level of candor, even if it is just tone of voice.  Once in awhile I hear, “don’t hire him!”  

Background Checks

Hire a background check company to access public records, they can return results in hours.  You must get signed authorization from a candidate before accessing these records, which can reveal credit, criminal, education, social security number and other information (even driving record!).

Social Media

Go online to see what the world knows about your candidate.  Google the candidate’s name and see what links appear.  Check out their Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn profile, compare their profile to their resume, read the LinkedIn recommendations and see if you have any contacts in common.  It is free and easy and sometimes will give you an insight that was missed in the interview. 

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