6 Tips to Supercharge Your Recruiting Results

All employers are challenged by recruiting. It can seem a long and complicated process with uncertain results. But there are proven ways to turn the process to your advantage.

Here are 6 tips to give your recruiting a supercharge.

Write a Clear Job Description

If your job description doesn’t make sense, reduce it to a common-sense explanation of the responsibilities and goals of the position. One page, please! Anything more shows a lack of clarity. 

Write a Job Post that Motivates Candidates to Apply

If your advertisement reads like an instructional manual, make it stand out by describing why someone might want to work at your business – its culture, what’s exciting about it.  Talented employees want to work for companies that have a strong sense of purpose.  Capture their imagination.

Know What You Are Looking For

If you are attracting too many non-qualified candidates, qualify them up front.  Always put three “must haves” in your ad, clearly and with emphasis.  Include a salary range.  Nothing is worse than finding a great candidate and then discovering that you are far apart on compensation.   Communicate your expectations up front.

Speed Up Your Hiring Process

If your hiring process is too slow, get everyone on the same page and focus.  Have you ever tried scheduling four candidates in one day, having each of them interviewed by three managers in a round robin, and then selecting the best one at the end of the day?  Try it.

Make a Decision

If you are afraid of making a bad decision, realize it is part of life (and business).  To minimize bad decisions, have several people interview the candidate, and invest in psychological profiles, background checks and reference checks.  Take your candidate to lunch.  Would you enjoy working with this person?  

Choose the First Best Candidate

If you don’t make a decision because someone better might come along, focus on the candidate at hand, not the one who may come through the door.   The best candidate might be the first, or the twenty-first.  You never know, so compare each candidate to your pre-set hiring criteria.  Do they have the skills to do the job?  What is their motivation? Do they fit the company culture?  If the first person you see is a great fit – hire them.


Effective recruiting is a system and a mindset. Working on each step in the process will greatly improve your outcomes.

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