Hi, I’m Bill Gottlin, founder of Aspire HR Consulting LLC.

As a small business owner as well as an HR professional, I understand the hard work, courage, dreams and persistence that my clients have. It is my pleasure to be able to support them in everything they do each and every day.

I started my business career in the HR department of a large national retail chain, where I learned the core skills that I use today – systems for interviewing and hiring, onboarding new employees, training, performance evaluation, discipline and termination, handling sensitive issues with confidentiality and judgment. Before founding Aspire HR Consulting, I was Vice President of Human Resources of an international corporation overseeing 5,000 employees.

I have a Master’s degree in Human Resources, but also a Master’s degree in History, and am writing a book about my grandfather. I have written several HR books as well to assist you.

I am married with a wonderful wife and daughter, and enjoy cycling, CrossFit, exploring nature, camping and traveling (40 countries and counting!).

Two years ago I cycled through western Kansas with some friends, it was windy, hot and wonderful. Last year, we went to the Black Hills of South Dakota, but were snowed out on Memorial Day weekend.

I am still trying to figure out work-life balance, though. Even in the Black Hills I checked my emails. Not unlike most of my clients!

Need an HR pro on your side? Let’s talk and see if we can help.

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