All About Hiring

Hiring Great Employees is a System

Hiring great employees owes less to luck than having a good system of attracting, screening and choosing among candidates.  Here are ten tools you will need:

  1. Job description – identifies what qualities, experience, etc. you are looking for in a candidate.
  2. Good advertisements and strategy of where to place them – whether on-line job boards, social networking, or other source.
  3. Simple “ABC” system of reviewing resumes – here is where many people get slowed down.  Staring at a pile of resumes is like going to the dentist for some.  But focusing on the key variables you need in the candidate will get you through the pile quickly.
  4. Employment application form – to standardize information.
  5. Interview question guides – prepared questions should reveal the character and motivation of the candidate.  It is a “conversation with a purpose.” 
  6. Reference check questionnaire – standard questions to ask all references.
  7. Tests – psychological, integrity, skills, intelligence – other tools to better understand the candidate.
  8. Drug testing – to ensure that your candidate does not have any issues that would impact their performance.
  9. Background check – to find out job-relevant information such as criminal history and credit record.
  10. Standard offer letter and “sorry” letter – basic communication tools to let each candidate know where they stand. 

The next step is to train your hiring managers so that they are comfortable with the hiring process.  Then step back and watch your “hiring machine” spring into action! 

Aspire HR Consulting provides a complete audit of your hiring system, and the forms, checklists and training to make it click. Or, we will do it for you.