Dedicated HR Manager

Aspire HR’s Dedicated HR Manager service is for the growing company which has passed the point where the owner or controller can “do it all” in their (slim to none) spare time between sales, marketing, operations, and finance.

As one client said:

As CEO, people are always asking me, how do you do this, how do you do that? I am not as available for them as I would like. When new employees are onboarded, they have a host of questions they need answered, someone to sit down with them. We have no HR policies – just informal word of mouth. How do I take vacation? How do I take leave?

Thank you for handling all of this.

CEO, Tech company

When It’s Time to Invest in an HR Service

When it is time to develop solid HR systems and policies and get professional advice and hands on management, Aspire HR’s Dedicated HR Manager might be the right solution. The benefits are many:

You will get our experience and knowledge in handling everything from legal compliance to the best ways to recruit employees and onboard them.

You will benefit from our advice and participation in performance reviews and handling sensitive issues.

We become part of your team, the “go to” person for employee questions and problems. This results in happier employees, a better sense of organization and mission, less “overwhelm and drama” and a more productive environment.

We work for several clients and remotely, so we are a budget friendly “fractional” time service.

Working with us will bring you peace of mind that this important, complicated part of the business is in good hands.

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