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Finding and Hiring Great Employees

Are you struggling to find and hire the best possible employees for your business?

The recruitment and selection process has never been and will never be an easy one. 

Where do we find the right person, how do we know for sure that they will help us, how much should we pay them, and on top of this, “we need that job filled NOW!”

The whole process can seem impossibly time consuming and overwhelming.  Sometimes it seems like a giant grab bag – hire someone and hope for the best.  And the only thing worse than making a bad hire is having to go through the process over and over again, costing you time and money.

This book is for business owners and managers willing to take the time to learn a systematic, highly effective, repeatable and trainable approach to finding, selecting and hiring great employees who will make you money and strengthen your business.  

What you get:  a 59 page e-book with step by step instructions, with plenty of real life examples and experiences, on the entire hiring process.  

  • How to assess what you really need
  • How to write a job description 
  • How to write a great job posting
  • Where to post your job
  • Fast and accurate system of resume screening
  • Interview preparation
  • Interview questions that get to the heart of what the candidate is all about – no matter what they say!
  • Specific grading system to compare candidates
  • Getting the best information from reference checks
  • Psychological and behavioral testing
  • Background checks and drug testing
  • Making the job offer template
  • Salary negotiations
  • BONUS:  123 highly effective interview questions

If this sounds like something that you need, or will help someone in your business be better organized, more effective, and make better hiring decisions, it is time get started.

7 Best Practices for Effective HR Management

Indispensable quick guide to HR management for small business owners and managers.

7 Best Practices for Effective Human Resource Management is for business owners, CEO’s, CFO’s, Controllers, HR Managers and office managers involved in managing employees. Any business that is not growing because of human resource challenges will find clearly explained and easy to implement policies to hire great people, manage your workforce for greater productivity, protect against costly lawsuits and improve employee communication. From strategic planning to the types of questions to ask to get the best employees, this eBook from a human resource expert covers it all.

13 Most Difficult Conversations with Employees

Master the art of having difficult conversations with employees, professionally and legally.

This e-book is for any manager or supervisor dealing with employee issues in the workplace. Those who will benefit include HR managers, new managers, experienced managers who want feel more comfortable with the process, and business owners who want to improve employee communication. Improve your sills, understand the emotional blocks to effective communication, and legally protect yourself with this guide to turning difficult conversations into productive ones.

Dedicated HR Manager

Looking for an experienced professional to de-stress your HR?

HR Projects Done for You

Have a hiring, administrative, policy creation, training or compliance project?

Have a Question?

We have the perfect answer – our HR Answers Service.

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